Hello, I am SOPHIA

"SOP Healthcare Information Assistant" or simply SOPHIA. I am specialized in creating, editing and distributing SOPs in clinics. Developed to solve a simple problem: providing the right information, at the right time, at the right place to the person who requests it.

But that is just the beginning! Cross-hospital cooperation and the integration of industry, societies and teaching facilities is the next step. Flexibility and high immersion, that's my claim. 24/7 accessibility of relevant information, that's my job.


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SOPHIA Plattform

The SOPHIA web application can be accessed through every state-of-the-art web browser. Thereby, helping you avoid complex installations and time consuming updates. What’s more, you will always have the latest version of SOPHIA handy.

Complicated integration of documents? Not with Sophia. The special design of SOPHIA web application editor makes it intuitive to create, distribute and trace SOPs and news without any training.

Do you want to use foreign SOPs? No problem. We have redefined the experience of sharing to facilitate co-operation across hospitals. Thus, you can migrate existing standards and guidelines easily and adapt them to your needs.


Looking for integration of instructions for use and trainings on the device? SOPHIA makes it possible! We are already collaborating with industrial partners and will gradually push more content through SOPHIA.

Do you work in different teams with diverse roles? SOPHIA supports you in your daily routine. SOPHIA has been developed to be used in complex working environments. Predefined roles allow a precise allocation of tasks – you create the teams and assign the members.

Would you like to know who has read an SOP? No problem. There is the possibility of a read confirmation within SOPHIA that you can review in the statistic area of the SOPHIA web application.

All this is SOPHIA! For us, it is a promise towards the future. Further interesting features in the fields of e-learning, mixed reality and voice assistance will follow shortly.


  • Sop Management

    Our SOP management consists of creation, distribution and tracking of SOPs in defined teams. We have implemented a specific editor to create new SOPs. Finalized SOPs can be grouped according to the discipline, process or department that they belong to or according to any other characteristic that suits you the most. All SOPs are subject to an approval process with an integrated four-eyes-principle. You can increase the attraction of your SOP by implementing videos or pictures. Monotonous SOPs are a thing of the past.

  • Sharing

    SOPHIA has been designed as a sharing platform which is split in “migration” and “foreign content”. “Migration” allows you to integrate SOPs from foreign institutes and adopt them according to your needs, whereas “foreign content” cannot be adopted prior to the integration into your institute.

  • Editor

    The editor can be used intuitively and is optimized for use within SOPHIA. Each function of SOPHIA requires slightly different interface. Therefore, the layout of the editor automatically changes whenever you switch between different working areas to allow an optimized user experience.

  • News

    Do you have a Notice Board at your department? Using SOPHIA, this will be a thing of the past. SOPHIA provides the possibility to create and design a news channel for your team. Within these news, you are able to link SOPs or external content.

  • Intelligent Search Function

    Are you looking for a specific SOP but you don’t know the title or the collection where you can find it? SOPHIA has a solution. We have integrated an intelligent search function which needs only three letters to start the search in all available SOPs. Finding content has never been so easy.

  • QR-Code

    Have you created an SOP for packing an emergency backpack or how to set up an anesthesia workplace? Attach the automatically generated QR Code of the SOP directly to the intended area and scan it with the SOPHIA QR code reader. The SOP will be immediately shown in the app.



Download SOPHIA as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The system can not only be used on a smartphone but is also supported on a Tablet. While using a tablet, you can also access the web application through any standard web browser.

The app can be downloaded from the respective app store. After the app has been installed completely, connect it to your institute (Please note: You receive your user name and password from an admin from your institute). When you connect with your institute for the first time, all available data will be downloaded to your smartphone.


If you have any questions which are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact as directly via the address below.

  • When will SOPHIA be available?

    SOPHIA will be available from the 01. August 2019. Please contact us for a face-to-face meeting or book us for one of your next congresses. You can find information about upcoming events on our Facebook Page or in our soon-to-be-integrated News Channel on this website.

  • Is there the possibility to include e-learnings?

    We are currently working together with a well-known German establishment of compulsory and healthcare education. We would be pleased to provide you an overall offer. Partnerships with other providers to soon follow.

  • Can I use SOPHIA as a medical student?

    Currently, there is no version without a binding connection to institutes. However, a significant amount of enquiries have reached us. We have therefore decided to provide a solution soon. If you need further information, please write us a short e-mail.

  • How much does SOPHIA cost?

    The price per user depends from the amount of users per institute. We would be glad to send you an customized offer.

  • Will I receive support for the implementation of SOPHIA?

    Our distribution partners will support you from the elevation to the implementation of SOPHIA. This offer is not just restricted to technical questions, but also includes processual support.

  • Does SOPHIA plays nice with Internet Explorer?

    SOPHIA does not support Internet Explorer. We recommend you to install a modern webbrowser. If this is not an applicable solution, we provide our own SOPHIA desktop application. The application does not require administrative access to the PC. You can download it here: SOPHIA Desktop

Get in contact with SOPHIA

Would you like to receive more information about SOPHIA or schedule a non-binding test? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trinidadstr. 15a
27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

E: contact@sophia.online