User-friendly and intuitive

SOPHIA comes with a self-explanatory and well-structured interface. This does not only save valuable time, but also reduces stress, which is of great benefit to both users and patients.

The bespoke SOPHIA editor features an intuitive interface, and its operation requires no special IT skills. Integrating images, videos and other files is extremely easy. In order to bundle information, individual SOPs can be linked.

As a result, SOPs become interactive and more meaningful.


Example of application

Surgical nursing

"I am not exactly an IT boffin. Computer programming is therefore not something that I will ever do. Also, I don't need a program with bells and whistles, but simply something that is easy to use, combines everything I require on a single platform and that enables me to write an SOP in a few minutes. With SOPHIA, I can now release and share SOPs with my colleagues by pressing a few buttons. It took me for example less than a minute to write the message below, and only a few seconds for it to get to the people who need to see it: New equipment to arrive at OP 1 today."

Surgical nurse, 32, Schwäbisch Hall

Do you have any questions concerning the functions of SOPHIA?

Then please do not hesitate to contact our specialists who would be delighted to tell you all about the features and capabilities of SOPHIA.