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We are multipliers

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Medical Networking for Future

Never before has the fast and seamless exchange of information be more important than today, as we need to provide effective and sustainable care for Covid-19 patients. This requires however a digital, widely accessible platform on which relevant knowledge about Covid-19 can be shared.

The realization of a Covid-19 dialog platform via SOPHIA opens up new opportunities for medical, scientific and healthcare institutions for close cooperation in the fields of diagnosis, therapy and targeted crisis management.

We are multipliers

Transferring knowledge can save lives

Innovative and international

SOPHIA offers innovative communication tools for the sharing of already existing and, above all, also current knowledge. With the "Sharing" function, contents can be shared with other hospitals and institutions.

Through "Migration", knowledge from other clinics and medical associations can be made available to own staff. Such migrated content can be integrated or adapted to suit the internal structures, and then be released at institution level or team level. The focus of this cross-regional and international initiative is the direct exchange of knowledge between institutes.


We are multipliers

Many clinics and institutions have already joined the Covid-19 Initiative and are sharing information to fight the pandemic. Today more than ever, every new insight, information on successful treatment and general experience is invaluable. Participating clinics and institutions have the option to have their name published on Instagram and/or on this website.

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Medical Networking for Future

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Learning from each other

Every contribution counts. True to the principle of "share & take", we join together and learn from each other to tackle the crisis. Benefit from effective medical networking. Download SOPHIA and sign up to the Covid-19 Initiative!

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