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SOPHIA is a product that is used in everyday hospital life and has become indispensable. A wide variety of media regularly report on SOPHIA. Current and interesting news, such as our download campaigns with informative booklets, are made available on this page by the SOPHIA team.


Organise your SOPs in nursing to avoid stress and communication mistakes. We show you how to optimise your standards of care in hospital!

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Time pressure, stress, inefficient communication and lack of documentation – the risk for mistakes is high. Minimise your risk now with the SOPHIA Booklet.

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You want to make complex processes, SOPs and important procedures more accessible and thus avoid mistakes in surgery? Benefit from valuable expertise now and download our booklet free of charge.

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Hygiene and disinfection

Postoperative wound infections (SSI) occur in 0.5 - 10.1% of operations in Germany and represent the most common cause of nosocomila infection in time. We present here with a bundle strategy an approach to the prevention of SSI, which shows that the SOPHIA software and project (SOPHIA-SSI) can disclose the process quality of the department and the clinic in a practicable, effective and instructive way.

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Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs for short, increase patient safety. However, when you need them most, they are often not at hand. The SOPHIA app provides a remedy.

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Process management

Our white paper tackles this problem and shows why reducing complexity is the essential component for more safety in everyday hospital life and offers support for intensive care medicine.

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Free of charge for any ward affected by Covid-19

SOPHIA combines digital communication, organisation and SOP management in one software – online and offline, always available!

In order to provide you with the best possible support in the current situation, we have decided to make SOPHIA available free of charge to every ward affected by Covid-19 up to and including April 2021.