Quick access to SOP

SOPHIA bridges the gap between clinical routine and efficient flow of information. As SOPs are individual documents, SOPHIA allows for the generation a unique, institution-specific QR-code for each SOP. This code can be created with a few mouse clicks. By scanning the QR-code with the SOPHIA app, the respective SOP is called up instantly. QR-codes thus make it easy to integrate SOPs into daily routine.


Example of application

Internal medicine

"At our clinic, we take pictures of emergency trolleys, and these pictures are then attached to the SOP. The SOP in SOPHIA generates its unique QR-code label, which we then physically attach to the trolley. To view the up-to-date SOP including photos, I simply scan the code on the trolley with the SOPHIA app. We also use the QR-code function in many other areas, for example for quick access to hygiene instructions in connection with MRSA patients, and to call up user guides for medical equipment."

Head nurse, 54, Cologne

Do you have any questions concerning the functions of SOPHIA?

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