Sharing & Migration

Bundling expert knowledge

SOPHIA supports ground-breaking methods of cooperation that help share and spread medical knowledge. It promotes the exchange of expertise across institutional boundaries, allowing clinics, medical associations, research institutes, teaching organisations and industrial partners to link up and work closely with each other.

With the sharing function, clinics can make their content available to other hospitals and institutions all over the world. Through migration, knowledge from other clinics, medical associations and partners in the industry can be made available to own staff. Such migrated content can be adapted to suit the internal structures, and then be released at team level.

Example of application


"During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are using SOPHIA to exchange the latest news and knowledge with other clinics in Germany and abroad. This benefits not only institutions that are already battling the decease, but also departments and countries where the pandemic is yet to arrive. Thanks to SOPHIA, we learn from each other and are therefore able to prepare ourselves better for the challenge."

Resident, 35, Stuttgart

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