Seamless and efficient

With SOPHIA, SOPs can be draft, distribute and documented in an online environment, implementing efficient processes for any well-defined teams. SOPs are drawn up in an editor that forms part of the SOPHIA toolbox. To make SOPs as clear and user-friendly as possible, multimedia content such as videos, sound, images and pdf files can easily be integrated. SOPs are reviewed and released in SOPHIA following the four-eyes principle. This approach guarantees that the information is of the highest quality and relevance. Multiple SOPs on a specific topic can be bundled in collections for easy access, and then made available to the relevant teams.

If there are relevant changes or updates, all team members are automatically informed by means of push notifications. To ensure seamless flow of information, SOPs can be configured to include a read confirmation.

Example of application


"After two years working abroad, I returned to a workplace in a clinical environment. The very first night, I was called to the delivery room. Under normal circumstances, I would have contacted a colleague for advice, or searched for up-to-date information elsewhere. Thanks to SOPHIA, all I had to do was open the app and follow the standard procedures approved by my clinic.

SOPHIA thus became my indispensable assistant."

Anaesthetist and specialist in intensive medicine, 42, Göttingen


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