Teams and roles

Teams and roles

Time-saving and targeted

SOPHIA has been specifically designed to simplify complex procedures for teams and roles, and to make them available in the most flexible, efficient and user-friendly manner to all parties concerned. In addition, it helps streamline intricate systems and processes. These capabilities make SOPHIA so special. SOPHIA allows for the assignment of specific roles within the various teams. By the use of predefined roles, tasks can be shared exactly.

You can set up SOPHIA teams that fully mirror the responsibilities and structures within your organisation, and it is up to you whether you wish to assign a person to one or several teams. SOPHIA even supports temporary teams established ad hoc as the need arises. Such teams are part of a new way of working together, ensuring efficient communication between people – irrespective of their current position within your organisation.

Setting up teams and roles could not be easier: First, you need to define the teams. In a second step, you assign the relevant roles and persons to your teams.

Example of application

Intensive care unit

"I work as a nurse in an intensive care unit (Team 1) in anaesthesiology (Team 2). Furthermore, I am responsible for hygiene at my department (Team 3), and belong to a working group concerned with nutrition (Team 4). At our clinic, it is fairly standard that people are engaged across various departments. However, this way of working is not properly supported by conventional systems. With SOPHIA, my roles in the various teams are now also reflected with regard to SOPs. The information I need is now available to me at the push of a button. No red tape!"

Nurse, 36, Vienna


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